“A poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket”

Yesterday was the first of May, which was the most important holiday to the communist rulers of the world, when they did rule much of the world. Today it is somewhat of a functionless holiday. In Britain in comes a little too early and occurs just a few weeks before another public holiday, Whitsun, now officially known under the politically correct epithet of Spring Holiday.

I have always been struck by the number of public holidays nations now have. At one time nations had few public holidays but today they seem to need holidays to commemorate important events in their histories and religious days.

Those hard working Germans seem to have the most public holidays.

In the United Kingdom new holidays sometimes are called by the government in order to celebrate some event relating to the monarch – a jubilee, an important birth or an important death, which the government decides but does not pay for. Scrooge thought Christmas “A poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket every twenty-fifth of December” but that was when there were almost no public holidays. Frankly I can think of no better excuse for picking a man’s pocket.

Of course the employers, especially large employers, take holidays into account when fixing pay, so the workers and well as the employers pay for all the holidays. In Britain these days the regulations about staff holidays are very complex and have with much other employment laws, generated a whole industry to advise employers (and employees) what the regulations mean.

Enjoy tomorrow’s holiday; remember that you are paying for it, whether you work for others, employ others or simply employ yourself.


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