Canada’s C-51 Bill

If you discount acts against indigenous peoples, there has been no act of terrorism in Canada for more than ten years. Of course, there are and will always been wicked people who commit crimes, but for many years Canada has avoided most of the criminal terrorism that has scarred the Middle East and affected Europe. This probably means that the Canadian law enforcement and terrorism prevention forces are robust and doing a decent job.
However the Canadian government thinks that they need to know more about the electorate that they serve. They have introduced a new bill, C-51 which allows them to monitor citizens and detain them for seven days if the Government fears that the people may commit terrorist crime but also may interfere with “the economic or financial stability of Canada or with the country’s critical infrastructure”.

As a lawyer I find the wording extremely vague. There are many ways in which a person can interfere with a nation’s financial stability, and most of those ways are lawful. Mr George Soros certainly interfered with the financial stability of the United Kingdom in the 1990s as did many bankers and speculators, but it was never suggested that their actions were unlawful.

Presumably, because the oil sands in Alberta contribute more than 2% of Canada’s gross domestic product, environmentalists that want by peaceful means to put a stop to the exploitation of the oil sands, may interfere with Canada’s financial stability, and will be spied upon and possibly imprisoned while being investigated.

It is important for people to be prosperous, but prosperity without democracy and liberty is worthless because in these circumstances prosperity eventually melts and fades away leaving tyranny and oppression.

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