Let the Devil Take the Hindmost

“One for all and all for one” should be the motto of the European Union. The point of any union of sovereign states is that they should all help and protect each other. However the real motto of the EU is more “they all run away and cry ‘let the Devil take the hindmost'”.

Individual states have taken on burdens which ought to be shared, to some degree, but which are not. Greece has its debt burden and finds its creditors unsympathetic; they would rather the Greek people starved than allow them some debt relief. Italy has taken on the burden of patrolling the southern Mediterranean and providing humanitarian relief, without assistance from other nations. The UK is largely unsympathetic to French requests for assistance in dealing with the camps they have built to house those wanting to smuggle themselves into the United Kingdom with its social security and thriving economy. Germany wants its money back and maintains its dominance by pursuing policies which keep the Euro strong at the expense of other member nations.

In every club, in every family and in every union there are always some who take advantage and generally this is accepted by the rest as a necessary evil. However there comes a time when the advantages of being in the family, club or union are outweighed by the disadvantages and I fear that we are approaching this stage with the European Union.

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