We are What We Vote

I have been thinking about voting. There will be a General Election in the United Kingdom on 7 May next. It is, I think, the duty of every citizen to vote and with that duty comes responsibility. If we vote for a government we sustain that government. Therefore if we vote for a communist government we are sustaining theft as a means of redistributing wealth. If we vote for a fascist government we sustain them in their fascist ways and we are racists. In the case with the Blair Government in 2003 when it joined the war in Iraq, those who subsequently voted for that government were violent people, because they sustained a violent government.

We are what we vote. At the moment that is an unedifying truth, because when we see the motley crew from which we must chose to vote we see them in all their imperfect policies and flaws.

For example, I read the United Kingdom Independence Party’s manifesto. There was much with which I agreed and a great deal of common sense in most of the policies that UKIP espoused. However there were serious and dangerous flaws in some policy areas – energy for example. If I were to vote UKIP I would strongly support say 70% of their policies, be indifferent to 15% of their policies and vigorously oppose 15% of their policies.

If I work through all the other parties I would come up with the same pattern although the percentages would vary. Thus voting becomes chosing the least worst alternative and hoping things will work out. We are all flawed and full of contradictions, so we should not expect our political parties to be without flaws or contradictions. So when voting all we can do is to be true to our beliefs and hope for the best.

And we are here as on a darkling plain

Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,

Where ignorant armies clash by night.

2 Responses

  1. I think voters have just two choices:

    For the “Establishment”

    Against the “Establishment”

    All the parties are “Establishment” save one! UKIP

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