How to Spend a Billion Pounds

Yesterday the BBC ran a story on its website asking what a billion pounds buys the nation. You can read all the things that a billion pounds buys us. The list is interesting –  

  • 167,000 Hip replacements or
  • Two flagship hospitals (whatever they are) or
  • 147,000 state pensions or
  • 300,000 jobseekers allowances or
  • Disability benefit for 2.3 million people or
  • Therapy for 8 hours for 2.5 million mentally ill folk or
  • A quarter of an aircraft carrier or
  • Four Jets to fly off the aircraft carrier or
  • Two frigates or
  • 40 Challenger tanks or
  • 16,600 Social Homes or
  • 40 Secondary Schools

but one thing that the BBC did not tell us is that a billion pounds will buy us is about three months of the BBC’s services.

One Response

  1. Interesting choices, welfare or armaments.

    Whatever happened to training, education, investment in industry, hydro electric power etc etc.

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