Insulting The President

In Turkey it is a criminal offence to insult the President and there are a couple of hundred people who are being investigated for this serious offence; two cartoonists have already been found guilty of insulting the Turkish President.

There are different strokes for different folks and different laws for different nations. For example in some places hard core pornography is perfectly within the law; many people make very large livings out of it. In other places owning a photograph which shows a model exposing her breast is a serious crime and punished accordingly.

I can understand different cultural attitudes to the same act. Some of these attitudes are based upon religious belief, often the beliefs of those who do not understand their own religions and are in need of much learning. However, if there was one act that should never be punished it must be of insulting the leader of your nation. After all the President, Prime Minister or Monarch is ultimately a servant of the people and while it is not right to insult servants it may be necessary to do so to remind them that they serve the people and  are not above the people.

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