The Strong Shape Events

When the white Europeans invaded Africa the native population did not have the skills or technology to repel them. Many Africans were enslaved, sent thousands of miles away from their homes and suffered confiscation of their lands and assets. Their women and children were abused. 

Today many Africans (and others) want to live in the places presently occupied by white Europeans (with a very few black Europeans). The Africans do not want (as far as I can tell) to enslave the while Europeans, steal their land and assets or abuse the women and children. They simply want a better economic future.

Much of Europe, for whom the principle of free movement around Europe is sacrosanct, do not want to have many black Africans living among them and so they prohibit behaviour which they once undertook so ruthlessly and they have the technology to enforce their rules which prevent Africans emigrating to Europe.

The strong shape events, while justice weeps.


3 Responses

  1. I think you’ll find that it was the European aristocracy that plundered Africa etc. Neither me nor my antecedants benefited from the slave trade nor removal of precious resources from africa. It is a fundamental mistake of thinking to suggest that it was Europeans who invaded Africa. Just like it is a mistake to equate all Germans with Hitler.

    I suggest that the PROLES now living in Europe have every right not to have their own hard won democracy and welfare states plundered by foreigners who cannot manage their own affairs despite have had ‘democracy’? for centuries and freedom from invading Europeans.

    If you look at Africa it is blessed with enormous wealth in natural resources but cursed with so much corruption that it makes ones eyes water.

    The presidents of South Africa, Zimbabwe etc etc are billionaires. They do not believe in democracy or sharing the wealth of their nations. Much of our freely given foreign aid goes straight into the bank accounts of the african elite.

    The invading hordes may well be seeking a better life but why should it be at my expense? I repeat, I did not benefit from the slave trade, wealth confiscation, abusing, theft, etc.

    If the USA could do it so can Africans.

    If they fight for it! and throw out their corrupt rulers, religions and superstitions.

    • I think we will find that the working classes engaged in the slave trade as sailors and dealers- they were the entrepreneurs of the day and were “honoured” by the monarch when they made enough money. The lower middle classes with an education became the colonial civil service who lorded it over the Africans. Cecil Rhodes was the son of a vicar. However, the British Empire, the German Empire, the french Empire and the Portuguese Empire as well as the Belgian Empire all benefited from their colonies.

      The invading hordes are exhibiting a logical acceptance of capitalism and will try to come to sell their labour cheaper that it is presently being sold for.

      You are 100% right about corruption and foreign aid.

  2. One side of my family were displaced irish farm labourers who came to England to navvy. The other side were mill workers and my grandfather became a watch repairer.

    My father was brought up by his grandmother and got an army apprenticeship as an artificer (in 1937) He worked in the day and went to night-school to eventually become a chartered engineer.

    He earned his middle classdom by hard work and ambition.

    My antecedents were neither sailors nor dealers. Most of the population of the UK were farm workers. They were not working class because they spent a lot of winters without work. They were often less than poor.

    You are spouting wishful nonsense about entrepreneurs and honours by the monarch. It was, as ever, a minute percentage of the population

    When you say these empires benefited from the colonies you are of course omitting to say that it was the rulers of those empires that benefited.

    For the vast majority of the indigenous populations the empires did bring some lowly paid mill work and industrial work but the circumstances of those indigenous workers was hardly much better than many of the african exploitees, south american exploitees, irish exploitees, scots exploitees etc.

    The fact is that the ruling classes exploited everyone!

    The UK achieved a degree of democracy and social welfare for the majority of its population through civil war, unions, workers’ power, and the mass extinction of generations of young men in two europe wide wars. I fail to see why ‘we’ should owe any reparations to africans.

    Perhaps they could stay in the Vatican, or Buckingham Palace. I believe that would be more appropriate.

    If africans want a better life they should not seek reparations or lowly paid jobs in Europe but emulate what the people of the UK did, what the french did in 1799, what Garibaldi did in 1848 and Franco in 1975.

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