The Right to be Ill and the Right to be Shot

It is odd that there are many people in the United States of America who think that health care should not be provided by the state for the poorest people who need it and that the state has no business in raising taxes to pay for a national health service whereas in the United Kingdom the politicians during this present general election campaign are vying with each other to promise a better and more expensive National Health Service paid out of taxes.

There are other divisions: virtually no one in the United Kingdom regards that they have a right to bear arms whereas there is a significant proportion of Americans who regard the bearing and ownership of arms as one of their fundamental rights.

Increasingly Britain and the USA are no longer two nations divided by a common language; our common language is now more easily understood as a result of television and films, but what Americans regard as the right to be independent, free and secure Britons might regard as the right to be ill, insecure and shot.

3 Responses

  1. A recently publisged statistic:-

    In April 2015 more people were killed by the american police forces than were killed in the last 100 years in the UK.

    Bearing in mind that particular statistic, I can undrstand why certain (target?) groups of people in the USA are keen on having the right to bear arms!

    • never ending circle of pain will happen again and again

  2. Rights are only ever temporary at best.


    No man is safe when freedom fails
    The best men rot in filthy jails
    Those who cried appease, appease
    Are often hung by those they tried to please.

    The guns are now quickly changing into the hands of the true criminals who will order ours confiscated, and history will repeat itself as the lunatics truly hand over the asylum.

    When the talking fails the worst always follows.

    Get ready to keep flying folks if we simply do nothing.

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