It’s a Very Small World when it comes to radioactivity

In the United Kingdom we hear little about Fukushima these days. It is as though the nuclear accident never happened as we get on with organising the finance, at taxpayer’s risk and expense, of new nuclear generating power stations in so called partnership with the French energy firm, EDF. However, the world is a small place and radioactivity from the Fukushima accident is beginning to spread,

Trace amounts of Caesium-134 and Caesium-137 have been found in the waters near Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Its only source is Fukushima. Of course trace amounts are not in themselves dangerous, as far as we know, so there is no need to panic – yet.

It is very hard to understand precisely how much radiation is still leaking from Fukushima and what steps are being taken to contain leaks. The matter is shrouded in secrecy. Canadians have no immediate cause for concern neither do Californians; the North Pacific Ocean between Japan and North America is a large place, and should contain all known radiation leaks, but there is a fear that we are not told about all radiation leaks.

The Fukushima accident happened four years ago, and devastated the economy and lives of many Japanese people. Today the world is occupied with other dangers which the world believes to be more threatening than a nuclear accident. While humans fight each other, caesium leaks from Fukushima.

Tokyo Electric Power Co, which owns the nuclear plant at Fukushima has promised that it will start disclosing all data of leaks, instead of covering up the data. It has taken them four years to make this promise and we have yet to see it fulfilled.

2 Responses

  1. Such things should not be permitted to BE “secret” – not when they affect the entire planet! In one test I read about, 17 out of 17 tuna were too contaminated to eat! That means to me that any or ALL seafood is now contaminated, because you CANNOT trust any big industry to label, or even to TEST, foods that are LIKELY to be contaminated! Fukushima MUST BE part of the “depopulation agenda” – it has been allowed to continue spewing radioactive substances into the sea all this time! Nor is it by any means to ONLY source of contamination, especially in America.

    We’re being lied to by ALL agencies that were supposedly created to protect us. Between Fukushima and all the other nuclear plants in America (which ALL LEAk), Americans are in enough trouble, but that’s just the beginning. Add in all microwave and RF sources, then add in Chemtrails (which also include some radioactive substances) and glyphopsate poisoning, GMO toxicity and failure to label etc., then add in toxic vaccines and Big Pharma “meds” that kill over 100,000 Americans a year taken as prescribed and we’re in deep trouble.

  2. Small is powerful.

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