Impressive Generosity

Today in the United Kingdom the new tax year starts. In about 148 working days from today not only will the United Kingdom have a new government, but the average UK citizen will have spent all his working time that he or she needs to spend in order to pay his (or her) tax to the government. This is according to the Adam Smith Institute. Their figures mean the average Briton working for five twelfths of the time for other people and only seven twelfths of the time for himself or herself. This is quite impressive generosity on the part of the average Briton.

One Response

  1. Aren’t these figures just for income tax?

    What about VAT, IPT, council tax,?

    What about parking fines, vehicle licence, road tolls ?

    What about Class 4 NI

    What about employers’ NI

    What about passport/driving licence fees

    What about university tuition fees

    What about fuel duty?

    What about VAT on fuel duty?

    What about excise duty on products containing alcohol ?

    What about import duty/VAT on goods from outside the EU?

    I wonder how many days we work to pay this lot?

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