Highs and Lows

When you want to get something done you may do it yourself or you may hire someone to do it, but if you choose to hire someone make sure that they can do the task.

In 2001 the USA and some other minor allies of it occupied Afghanistan. They found opium production high and as the opium in the form of morphine and heroin ended up on the streets of their towns and cities and in the veins of their citizens some of whom commit serious crime to get hold of opiates the US government hired a firm called then called Blackwater but now known as Academi to eradicate illegal opium production in Afghanistan.

Since 2001 opium production in Afghanistan has increased many fold – so much so that Afghanistan now produces 90% of the world’s. The United States has spent $7 billion on programmes to eradicate opium in Afghanistan of which about $600 million was paid to Blackwater/Academi. I wonder what they actually spent with the money?

One Response

  1. Here is another high to chew upon Rob, and as Lord Christopher Monkton has said many times in his past talks, the planet is greening up.


    Ain’t life a gas eh.

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