As Ye Shall Sow…

You might spare a thought for the people of California. They are suffering the worst drought ever recorded and they are also suffering from very poor air quality caused, in many places, by the Asian Brown Cloud pollution drifting from China at the rate of a transatlantic airliner to settle above the San Joaquin Valley, which tends to keep it there with the effects of thermal inversion.

I suppose that having exported so much of its dirty manufacturing to China it is only fair that California gets some of the pollution back. The effects of the air pollution are exacerbated because of the drought. There is no rainfall to wash to pollution particles away.

2 Responses

  1. Sowing the seeds of doubt upon a poorly educated public that are also ill informed is another kind of suffering indeed, it should come under the heading of “Indirect Violence” where science is king but only for a day in the corporate mind set.

    While they reap and we weep.

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