Irrelevant Promises

Both the United States of America and the European Union have promised to cut carbon dioxide emissions by between 26% and 28% compared with what they emitted ten years ago. The promised emission reduction takes effect from 2015, ten years from now. 

Perhaps with unjustified optimism I should assume that both the USA and the EU do actually make the reductions in emissions and in doing so will keep their promises. I shall also assume that they will not simply export their emissions to China, Brazil, India and other developing nations. .I shall also assume that the majority of climatologists are right and there is a strong link to anthropologically produced carbon dioxide and rapid global warming. The first and second assumptions have less basis in truth than the third assumption.

Well, my assumptions taken as true, unfortunately the promised reductions in emissions will make no difference to rapid climate change because the reductions will be too little too late. The promises are being made probably because many changes in economies and production will bring about emission reductions in any event, although probably not on the scale that has been promised.

In ten years we should see more flooding, more severe weather events and more ocean and land warmth than we have now. People will die and people will suffer as a result.

It is not the case of the USA and the EU promising much in order to give little, but a case of them making irrelevant promises.

One Response

  1. Rob you always concentrate upon an array of irrelevant agendas where Carbon Dioxide is concerned, but never look at where the real reasons for these taxes are orientated, IE war and regime change, these pass times are producing the greatest pollution and death wearing, than AGW Co2 could in any other area.

    Please get off the fence and start sharing real news with those who are being destroyed before they can use any energy.

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