We are all hard working families

Spring is supposed to be a time of new birth and a time of hope. Hope is not very much in evidence as the United Kingdom kicks off the game for a new general election. Most of the parties try to appeal to populism without being specific about their policies. They all try to appeal to hard working families. We are all, it seems, hard working families even those who are slothful and do not by choice choose to work. 

Every politician seeks to persuade us of their fitness to run the government. Most people would not trust most of the politicians to run a bath, but in the absence of choice we have to choose the least worst parties, people and policies. That is an impossible task because there is sugar and bitter herbs in every offering, just like the offerings at funerals. Perhaps I might well make my choice by counting up how many times each party uses the phrase “hard working families” and vote for the one that says “hard working families” the fewest times in the hope and expectation that they actually recognise that there are those who do not work by choice and are lazy families. That might even lead someone to devise a policy to prevent lazy families from picking the pockets of those who work hard.

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  1. It seems to me that, with the exception of UKIP, all the parties want to turn this country into an even larger welfare state. The EU is just that.

    The difference between parties is just “who pays?”

    Tories want the middle class to pay for a privately run welfare and benefits system.

    Labour wants the middle class to pay for a state run NHS and anything else privately run.

    Liberal democrats want spending on everything but not defence. They imagine the money is already there.

    Greens just want the majority of us to live in frugality but especially they want to cover the pretty parts of the UK covered in windmills paid for by the middle class.

    In summary, the hard working middle class is going to lose out whoever leads the next coalition.

    The winners will be:
    (1) Those in society who receive more in benefits than they pay in taxes. (not necessarily lazy but shrewd)
    (2) Large private corporations providing energy, age care, healthcare, prisons, housing, policing, aviation services, transport services, supermarkets, propaganda/media and armaments.

    That leaves only one sensible choice, UKIP

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