Rules are Rules

Angela Merkel says “rules are rules” when she talks about the Greek debt. She takes the view that people and nations must follow the rules, and among the rules that they must follow is that rules about adhering to agreements reached must be sacrosanct. It is a view of a lady with limited imagination. She who must be obeyed cannot imagine that there is great immorality in slavishly following rules and in doing so dire consequences can result.

Rules are simply laws and there are good laws and bad laws. Laws that cause death and suffering are clearly bad laws and should be positively disobeyed. The creation of laws comes from rulers, whether elected or tyrants and both democrats and despots are capable of making and enforcing bad laws as history has shown us.

Rules are a convenient way to organise society and rules govern the relations between people and nations and between people and people and between nations and nations. Rules prevent anarchy and restrict crime, but if rules were perfect they would never need to be changed, once promulgated. In fact governments make a business of changing rules, creating literally thousands of new rules every year and abolishing old rules.

Mrs Merkel only has to look to the past history of her own country over the last eighty years to understand this, and it does not require too much imagination to see the desperate consequences to her own nation and to the Greek people if certain rules are followed.


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