A Dull Day In London

It is a dull day today in London. The news is dull, rather than being frightening, and eyes are turned towards the pavement, because there is little that looks good in the dull light that cloudy days bring at the dog days of March. The Ides of March have passed, and the Lenten sacrifices for those who observe them begin to wear thin. People look less beautiful in this kind of light; they look less hopeful and less contented. 

Soon the clocks will change, and bring for most Londoners more light. Soon the religious holidays will bring relief from work and a distraction from the things that occupy most of our time. Soon there will be more light than darkness.

I fear these dull days. They have a habit of turning out to be frightening. We wait for change in the hope that change will be for the better, and risk waiting our lives away thus wasting our lives away.

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