Cold Comfort

The International Energy Agency has calculated that annual global carbon dioxide emissions in 2014 were 32 giga tonnes. This figure is significant because if the figure is right it shows that the growth is emissions has remained stable for the first time when there is no global economic crisis.

Emissions growth slowed when there have been three major economic crises, in 1980 (US recession), in 1990 (break-up of the Soviet Union) and in 2009 (credit and banking collapse). There seems no equivalent economic downturn in 2014 and most of the world has during that period had experience small economic growth, so these figures are mildly encouraging, claim the International Energy Agency.

The monthly carbon dioxide reading at Mona Loa in Hawaii for February 2014 was 400.26 ppm compared with 397.91 ppm in February 2014, so emissions are still accumulating in our atmosphere as well as acidifying our seas and oceans.

For all our fine talk, our wind farms, our massive PV farms, our anti-climate change measures, our agreements and targets on climate change we have so far only managed to slightly slow down the growth in greenhouse gas emissions. That is cold comfort, indeed.

3 Responses

  1. Again where do these figures come really from, government right, and we can truly trust these guys, the ones getting a blind response from government, who are aiding and abetting those who stand to gain hugely.
    Let the so called experts give us a figure for all of the natural and rotting vegetation that produces 80 plus of all global carbon dioxide annually, then we would know where we need to look for the lies being spouted in the carbon credit debate.

    Let me tell you this, when they get their way with these black market credits, the true producers of the wonder gas will be hit so hard, that our food will be unobtainable money wise, they are simply waiting for the unregulated to be decimated at a later date.

    Orwell did tell us what was coming, hello global central and evils main weapon called corruption and money for nothing.

  2. From Wikipedia:-

    “The Energy Watch Group (EWG), a coalition of scientists and politicians which analyses official energy industry predictions, claims that the IEA has had an institutional bias towards traditional energy sources and has been using “misleading data” to undermine the case for renewable energy, such as wind and solar. A 2008 EWG report compares IEA projections about the growth of wind power capacity and finds that it has consistently underestimated the amount of energy the wind power industry can deliver.[18]

    For example, in 1998, the IEA predicted global wind electricity generation would total 47.4 GW by 2020, but EWG’s report states that this level was reached by the end of 2004.[19] The report also said that the IEA has not learned the lesson of previous underestimates, and last year net additions of wind power globally were four times greater than the average IEA estimate from its 1995-2004 prediction.”

    So it seems that IEA’s proclamations are little more than propaganda.

    Why bother analysing what is bound to be a skewed analysis of CO2 emissions. Obviously IEA has a long history of overestimating the amount of oil left underground and undersetimating the harm it might cause when consumed.

    • Just another rich mans, standard and poor with a moody outlook then Chris.

      God help the investors into such technology though, like the failed green label project from, Open Hydro, a system to bolster French’s green credentials that was never designed to work from the off.

      Check out who actually owns this particular department of alternative energy.

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