Time to Ration Water in California?

About 65% of my body is made of water. Large percentages of the food I eat and drink is made of water. I could not eat without water and I could not drink without water.

The same is true for every person living on this planet, including the thirty nine million or so who live in California. Jay Familgletti, a scientist who works for NASA, believes that the shortage of water in California is not just a result of the state suffering its driest January since 1895 or the years of drought like conditions there, but also as a result of depletion of the underground water table by the state’s thirsty and water surfeiting population.
Many eminent Californians think the time has come to ration water, but it will take a brave politician to do this and bravery has been a quality lacking in most politicians for many years now.

One Response

  1. The Anasazi Indians left such areas of dwindling water in the past, and the area in question is once again returning to the desert that it used to be, however, the powers that be, in their day never had such programs as Geo Engineering to upset things a little.


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