Don’t Mention It!

There are some people who think that you can avoid events happening if you do not mention them. On one level this is mere superstition. If you avoid thinking about climate change and global warming you will not prevent it happening; in fact you are more likely to increase it happening because not thinking about global warming means that you will not think of any measures to combat it, slow down its pace or make any preparations which may help humanity when the time comes that the planet is much warmer than it is now.

It seems that staff at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection were ordered not to use “climate change” and “global warming” in official communications. The Governor of Florida, Mr Rick Scott, is not convinced that climate change is caused by human activity and it the Governor so orders climate change by anthropological action is clearly non-existent, as far as the Governor is concerned.

Most people believe that the climate is warming, when taken as a whole across the whole world. It is just as well, because the evidence is irrefutable. However, there are many who say humans are not causing the warming, and in truth the evidence that humans are causing the warming is there on a balance of probabilities and beyond reasonable doubt, but not beyond any doubt whatsoever.

I wonder how the Governor of Florida will protect his people from the effects of climate change and global warming if official reports are unable to describe these effects or use these terms.

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, and that which we call global warming would by any other name be just as warm.

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  1. PS, Don’t mention 74 years old Rajendra Pachauri’s unsavoury pursuit of a 29 year old female employee and his previous history of similar obsessions in case it undermines the respect we all have for his judgement and the IPCC.

    Oh, and what about his prediction in 2010 of the disappearance of all Himalayan glaciers by 2035? Nonsense!

    Oh, and what about the lack of any increase in average global temperature for 17 years?

    That’s right, don’t mention it!

    • Many great thinkers have had unsavoury personal lives. It does not mean that their thinking has been wrong. Of course the prediction about the ice melt in the Himalayas was wrong, but predictions are awfully hard. There has been a rise in global temperatures (land temperatures and sea temperatures) over the last 20 years. the three major measurers NASA, U of E Anglia and NCDC agree that the decade between 2000 and 2009 was the hottest since modern records began more than a century ago. Temperatures in the 2010s have been running slightly warmer still.

  2. If 2000-2009 was the hottest decade that is not the same as saying the average global temperature was rising. My point is that the average global temperature was the same in 2009 as it was in 2000.

    The point is that this lack of increase in temperature is during a 20-30ppm increase in CO2.

    By any logic is is apparent that the increase in CO2 has not caused an increase in average global temperature.

    As for your apologists view of the president of the IPCC I am speechless. In any case, Mr Pechauri was not a great thinker but just an old lech whose brain was ruled by the contents of his trousers.

    • Temperature rises , falls a little and rises again. That is the pattern. Unfortunate the sea temperature is rising.

      Many great thinkers have had their brains ruled by the contents of their underpants – let us hold judgment; remember the presumption of innocence, or is that too old fashioned when it comes to sex claims?

  3. Many great thinkers of the past have not always been very wise when it comes to the truth Rob, cleverness without wisdom is one of the most destructive attributes that we humans tend to forget post facto, post logic.

    Add money and anonymity into their agenda, which is AGW and you have a situation ripe for ripping off the public via the non sciences, as an art, as long as it is well paid, and in a system in decline by design a job is a job regardless to these black eyed peas.

    Those who know what to do have already prepared Rob, and this is what we should all be doing, preparing for the ultimate insult towards our grand children to follow, if we have the energy to cope with the prices increases for gasses which are absolutely inevitable, and will never achieve anything whatsoever.

    You see, taxing the current system for making anything, rather than making ends meet, will be futile.

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