You Must Have an Enemy

Whoever you are and whatever you are you must have an enemy. If you are simply living a life sooner or later you will find an enemy or one will be thrust upon you. If you are a nation there will be an enemy and if there is not one your leaders will invent one for you.

Individuals can make peace with their neighbours; they can settle their disputes and shake hands and move on. Nations find it hard to do this.

In very recent times we in the United Kingdom have found that we have a number of enemies. We were told that Al Quada was one, then the government of Afghanistan, and before that Saddam Hussain and the nation of Iraq. Since then we have found enemies in Libya, the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, shortly after being told that the nation that ISIS was fighting, President’s Assad’s Syria, was also our enemy. Mr Putin is now in good odour as an enemy.

We have also had diseases as enemies – bird flu of various types, HIV Aids, Ebola, obesity and foods such as alcohol and sugar.

Goodness, there are so many enemies and like Orewell’s vision of 1984 they change sides. It is terribly confusing. A cynic might believe that many of those enemies were invented and some of their dangers grossly exaggerated so as to enable governments to better control their people and invented or exaggerated by some serving the people to enable those servants to earn more money in fighting such perceived enemies. At least that is what a cynic would believe.

I am a cynic.


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  1. Meet the smart enemy of the future, one that is supposedly helping us, but will eventually be controlling us.

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