Overwhelmed by Kindness

It is very pleasant and inspiring to be overwhelmed by kindness. Such was my experience yesterday evening when I was invited to dine with one friend and twenty eight strangers but by the end of the evening I did not feel that I was in the company of strangers at all.

The men were all from very different backgrounds and had very different life experiences than mine, but I felt a unity of people bound by common decency; at least I call it common decency, but decency is perhaps a less common trait than it should be.

We talked as men talk at diners of many things; the language was used for genuine communication – spurts of ideas from which we can build the human contact that is so important to human understanding. Within the wit was well disguised profundity and that is how it should be.

I should not be surprised. Although there can be much evil in humanity, humanity is fundamentally decent and co-operative with many qualities to value and cherish. The good can force out the evil, by the simple process of communication. The ceremony of dining in impressive surroundings with good companions is inspiring because it is conducive to good communication, for communication is nothing if it is not supported by that keystone – sincerity. I thank my fellow diners for that experience and remain overwhelmed by kindness.

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