Swords Made of Wood

Once upon a time which was a long time ago, just a few yards from my home in Poplar there were garages and lock ups. One day a new person hired a small lock up. He was a bright, kind man with a red beard. He used his lock up for wood working, bringing to it his tools and wood.

Of course, we were all curious about any new arrival and we went to see what he was up to.He did not chase us away, but made a wooden sword for the smallest boy amongst us. He used smooth light plywood.

Once he made a sword for one of us he made swords out of plywood for all of us. The younger and smaller you were, the better sword he made for you. He made for me a knight’s sword with a wooden sheath. We used our wooden swords for sword fights, clashing and scrapping our knuckles on the plywood, instead of picking up pieces of rotten splintered wood from the nearby bomb site.

The man did not stay in Poplar long, and it seemed to us that his only purpose in life was to make wooden swords for small boys in Poplar.

Were it that all weapons were as harmless as those made by the man with the red beard.

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