Living Without Companions

The song tells us that money makes the world go round. The song is wrong; the world went round before money was invented and will continue to revolve long after money has become obsolete. Nevertheless, the way we humans have organised our world by having money, which is a rapid medium of exchange of goods services and work, has shaped our environment more than anything else, because having such a simple and convenient tool has distorted human activity from the need to survive in balance with our surroundings to a desire to acquire money in huge quantities.

There comes a point when you have acquired plenty of moeny (I have not reached that point yet, by some distance) when new acquisitions of additional money are meaaningless to your own life, to the lives of your family and near descendants and to the lives of those you love. Nevertheless from my own observation of those who have massive amounts of money, I would say that the more money you have the more money you want, even though the additional of an extra few billions will not make a jot of difference to your life.

This is greed for its own sake. At least those who feast and surfeit enjoy what they eat, but those who suround themseleves with the tools for acquiring loads of money end up spending their lives worrying about the money, worrying about who has designs on their money, and worrying about every casual human acquaintance that they may make, setting up barriers just in case a new acquaintance has designs of some tiny fraction of their money, which the that rich person would only miss as a number, a item on a statement divorced from reality.

They live with money as their main companion.

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