Money is not the best measure

Giving development aid to poorer (often not much poorer) nations is a habit to which some of the developed nations have acquired. They measure the value of the aid they give by money, billions of it; they even measure its value by value of their income, and seek plaudits for what they do.

Money is not the best measure; it is a rather sticky commodity, as people hand when they handle it, and much development aid sticks to the hands through which it is meant to pass.
So the good feeling that giving engenders is corrupted if one really understands the processes involved in development aid. Fortunately for those that like good feelings the understanding is carefully shrouded from those whose work provide the cash.



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  1. Why not just give them technology that will help them to help themselves, Livingstone mapped all the third worlds riches and we have to date stolen much of it from them, and given them nothing but a headache in return, hence the term, keeping us in the dark, ages.

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