Sticking in the Mud

Governments swim in the mud. It is not successful. They do not get far, but do get muddy. They tell us there is no choice but to swim in the mud; they are fearful of clean water and enjoy the sensation of familiar mud in which they could stick. What is known best is most comforting; what is not known is frightening. Every enlightenment brings forth new public servants vowing to swim in water, where they can progress, but to get to water they must first pass through mud and do not have the skill or the commitment to get through mud, so they stick to what they know.

There are about ninety days of political posturing and dishonest argument at the end of which those posturing will not have used up all their litotes about their opponents and hyperbole about themselves. Direct boasting is unseemly, so when you hear a politician talking about policies they are really talking about their own wisdom or the foolishness of their opponents.

One Response

  1. What about the civil service who actually run our system in the background, many our politicians never get to meet in their areas of command, what of their many houses and cards we really don’t need, the 650 at the helm are not what we should be fixing our gaze upon is it.

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