We Should Be Ashamed

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, it is said. However there are more evil intentions in hell’s pathway than there are good intentions. Outcomes may be not what have been intended, and this may cause misery and suffering, but this is a result of lesser sins, a such as pride, arrogance and the belief that the person upon whose intent the policy has been formed is cleverer and more perceptive than that person really is.

Most suffering is not caused by good intentions; most suffering is caused by evil intentions with the greater sins of greed, the acquisition of power and wealth being foremost and the most important motivating factor.

When the Allies conquered Iraq (and conquer Iraq they did) they dismantled the existing structures of law and order – the police, the army and the major political party upon whom patronage of many civil servants depended. When the Allies eventually displaced these forces they did so thinking that they could simply purchase an army and a police force and a political party; they made money available in large unaudited quantities.
The Iraqi army became riddled with corruption. People invested in becoming soldiers, paying money in order to gain an income and sharing that income as necessary with army officials. Those who joined the army, in the main, had no intention to fight, so when it became necessary to fight this ghost army melted away.

It is argued that the Iraq war started from the good intention of disposing of a ruthless dictator and replacing him with an elected democratic government. If that really was the intention then it might be described as a good intention. If the intention in starting the Iraq was was to gain control of Iraq’s oil reserves, then that was a bad intention. Either way, these intentions led to the hell which is now Iraq.

It seems that Libya followed along the same path and as did Afghanistan. Pride and greed has, on any understanding of recent history, killed hundreds of thousands, dispossessed millions of their possessions and their futures. We whose governments did these things should be ashamed, because they have destroyed what money cannot replace.

3 Responses

  1. Yes you’re right but what do we do now?

    How should we vote in our next election?

    As I see it all the entrenched politicians just go along with what the USA’s richest elite want (world economic dictatorship).

    Labour, conservative, liberal are all the same. SNP might be different, UKIP mighht be different, the green party might be different. The EU is no different. We can’t vote for Syriza so what do we do?

    How do we bring about a better more just future for the ‘people’ ?

    • We might as well go our own way today Chris, because we truly are on our own today, TPTB are never going to investigate themselves to bringing down their own house of corrupt cards, so the best way is true anarchy, where individuals have no leaders whatsoever, this way those who are killing us softy so far, would be out of a job.

      The sooner we sack them for being guilty through association the sooner we can begin healing our whole, maybe not all of it but most of it.

  2. Davy, I agree, self sufficiency is part of the answer. The other part is doing without.

    Whilst we are slaves to iphones, central heating, ready meals etc we are captured by the system.

    It’s not easy to live ‘off grid’ but its the only way.

    There are other measures we can implement, don’t buy big brands owned by foreign corporations, don’t shop at sainsburys, don’t listen to BBC propaganda (get rid of the aerial).

    A lot of small actions but with the single purpose of keeping our money out the pockets of certain entities might restore our democracy

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