Death is No Respecter of the Virtuous

When we die how long shall we be mourned and how long shall we be remembered? Perhaps it does not matter. After all, our chances of living were very emote – more remote than winning the grandest lottery and perhaps that is what we did in any event when the single sperm that was once us out of 600 million companions found by strength or chance its home to create our life.

Our lives are all we really have; all else we merely hold for the time being and all that we hold ends, sooner or later in the infinity that is time. This is why we must hold life sacred, refuse to end it and do all we can to enjoy it. The outcome of life is death; not much matters in between but we can, if we try, make things matter, make things come to something. Shelly wrote

Some with lives that came to nothing, some with deeds as well undone,

Death stepped tacitly and took them where they never see the sun.

He did not tell us what happens to those with lives that came to something and with good deeds done but we know death is no respecter of the virtuous.

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