Believing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

Belief is a vice or virtue of humanity. What we believe shapes our actions and governs our relationships. Humans tend to prefer belief to perception and prefer belief to knowledge, because knowledge is so hard to acquire.

In the case of climate change people may believe, perceive or know that climate change is or is not happening at a dangerously rapid rate. Unfortunately for humanity what is rapid in climate terms is unperceivably slow in human terms, and because climate change is not so much “in your face” people have tended not to believe in it unless they perceive that an effect of climate change has affected them.

This seems to be what has happened in the United Kingdom. In 2013 there were many floods and severe and unusually severe flooding is one of the effects of climate change that climate scientists have been predicting, along with hurricanes of greater intensity and more violent weather events occurring more frequently.

The University of Cardiff has found that people in Britain now think climate change is a major issue, and more people think so having seen, heard about or experienced the flooding of 2013.The people that think so have reached the right conclusion (or belief) but for not quite the right reasons. Individual extreme weather events (such as 2013 being the wettest winter in the UK’s recoding history of weather) cannot be specifically attributed to climate change, but it is likely that over the coming years such weather events will increase in frequency and that increase will be attributable to climate change.

It is a case of 90% of Britons believing the right thing for the wrong reason. Let us hope that this increase in belief persuades those whom Britons elect to undertake more positive measures to combats climate change, whether the rest of the world do so or not.

5 Responses

  1. What has belief got to do with it !

    Adult belief is pure superstition based on indoctrination. It is a subversion of a child’s natural trust in its parents.

    Science is based on observation not what the majority believe.

    Copernicus was right, for the right reasons. He observed the world and reached conclusions which matched his observations. He ignored the majority view which was based on the doctrine of papal infallibility.

    Millions still believe in the pope’s infallibility despite being proved spectacularly wrong on the one fact God’s representative on earth should have known. i.e the earth was not the centre of the universe, in fact not even centre of ours solar system.

    The Pope and such such believers are uneducated fools or liars, or both. Belief is a useless tool in reaching an understanding of the world.

    In my experience most people laugh at climate change zealots. I even have a PhD acquaintance who has recently completed her study of how seriously the man in the street considers the need for home insulation. Answer, only to save money, not the planet.

    Such a result does not demonstrate that the man in the street believes in calamitous climate change but rather common sense belief in economic living.

    As for weather being affected by increases in the amount of atmospheric CO2. Nonsense.

    CO2 causes a greenhouse effect. It cannot have any direct effect on weather except by an intermediary increasing of temperatures. Global average temperature has been stuck for at least 16 years. So how can the weather be affected by the increase in CO2?

    You and many others have been converted by the relentless propaganda claiming that CO2 is damaging the earth. You believe but don’t analyse. All this climate change guff was invented to continue the hoax when quite demonstrably there was no global warming.

  2. You don’t need to look very far to find why they are continually pushing the AGW model, the words, Carbon Credits, is driving this Tom Foolery.

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  3. Here is some of the control Monkton is talking about.

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