All’s Fair in Love and War?

The saying that all is fair in love and war is simply wrong. I cannot morally claim that every act that someone does to win love or win a law is fair because there is no area of human existence where morality should not prevail over everything else.

Of course, we all have different views of morality, and some acts may be regarded by some as moral and by others as immoral; there are always blurred lines at boundaries, but an argument that claims that in order to win war or win love every act is permissible gets humanity into an area where its own humanity is in doubt.

In order to win wars it cannot be fair to exterminate millions of people, or to starve them to death or to dispossess them of their possessions or to rape the women of the opposing forces in order to discourage them to fight.  It cannot be fair to create acts of collateral murder. All these things are crimes and the whole concept of a crime should be that it is an act that is not fair, either in terms of the relationship between states and states, or the relationship between states and people or the relationship between people and people.

All is not fair in the pursuit of love. The argument to the contrary implies that deception is a valid way to behave in the pursuit of love, and treats the pursuit of a relationship as a war in which victory is achieved by success in disposing of any opposing claims to the affections of the person that you are pursuing.

War should be conducted (if it has to be conducted at all) according to strict rules which have to be based on fairness, morality and principles of justice. Any love achieved as a result of subtle deceptions and stratagems is not love worthy of the name, but merely a successful pursuit of lust, which is not the same as love, and which nevertheless be a worthwhile objective.

3 Responses

  1. First we need to know what is real and what is not real, and why the information given to get the public behind war is also real.

    Isis certainly is not a real body of information, just a money making war machine for TPTB.

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