Getting Annoyed

The world is full of petty annoyances. As I write the sound of an enthusiastic worker using a machine to dig up the road in order to repair is is a petty annoyance, but if I let it, it would easily become an overwhelming one. When I listen to politicians and sports people not answer the question but let out a pre-prepared statement I am annoyed, but when I hear a politician argue against a statement that has not been made, viciously attributing to his or her opponent a view that the opponent does not hold I get very annoyed at the intellectual dishonesty.  

I do not know why I get so annoyed. I should expect these things, in the same way that I expect a cold bitter wind on some winter’s day to chill my body and make it very uncomfortable, or in the same way that I should not get annoyed when an appliance does not last forever.

I shall continue to get annoyed at these annoyances. The road works noise has stopped and the peace that now falls upon me makes all the annoyance wortwhile and pleasurable.


One Response

  1. As you get annoyed Rob, every waking moment and comment is being recorded by the GCHQ, Bertrand Russell a former MI5 operative, is now smiling widely in his grave.
    Also the investigative journalist is now seen as a domestic terrorist, they too will be getting annoyed.

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