Democracy Day

Today is democracy day, apparently. We are supposed to celebrate democracy, which is not an easy thing to do, but humans enjoy celebrating things that they do not understand as the great religious festivals show.

In the United Kingdom we celebrate a day which marks the success of cronyism, as shown in the existence of the House of Lords. We celebrate a Monarch who has great privilege and does not pay tax like the rest of us, comforting ourselves with the belief that the monarch is a constitutional one. In fact our constitution is not very dissimilar to that of Kuwait, which has a Monarch a parliament and laws requires the consent of both before they are enacted.


We sing praise to democracy, without understanding what it is;  we believe we can recognise the beast without defining it. Everyone knows what it is, so we claim that the United Kingdom is democratic but Kuwait is autocratic.

However bad our democracy is and however imperfect (its imperfections stink to heaven) it is a system by which we chose our servants, occasionally, who also serve themselves out of the household pantry, mostly to more food that the masters are permitted by the servants and we spend half our working lives providing the wealth and assets which our servants use ostensibly to protect us, but in reality for their own self aggrandisement.

I do not think that I shall spend any more time celebrating democracy day.

3 Responses

  1. “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

    WS Churchill

  2. It will be democracy if this happens.

    And a day to remember for sure Rob.

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