Animal Farm at OUP

The Oxford University Press is world famous and has published many excellent works. Its good record has been blotted rather badly when the publisher has required authors of children’s school textbooks not to refer to anything pork related perceiving that do so might offend Muslims and Jews.

I think any Muslim or Jew who is offended by references to pig related products is a couple of slices short of a sandwich, which makes the OUP not only short of the slices but also of the filling with this brainless interdict.

As I understand it both Islam and Judaism regard pig products as unfit to eat by their adherents. Their dietary rules do not affect non adherents to their religion and non-adherents are not obliged to comply with them.

One influential English Literature text book of my youth was Orwell’s Animal Farm, a satire upon communism in which the pigs played a starring role. I wonder what animal would replace the Pig if the book were to be published today by OUP. Probably those members of the OUP who thought that references to pork might offend and were so worried about offending that they failed to understand that giving offence is best countered by tolerance, not by trying to shove every mind into the same way of closed intolerant thinking with the object of prevent offence being taken.

Sometimes it is necessary to offend.

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  1. To the crooks of the subject matter.

    It is not the Jews who are a problem, nor any other religion, I am not supporter of any religion, and certainly but by far the greatest danger to the whole world is from the satanic orchestrators of Rothschild Zionism.

    They own and control the global media to dictate the way that their manipulations and wars are reported to the general population, for whom they have a contempt so deep that words cannot be found.

    Rothschild Zionist columnist “Joel Stein” wrote in the Los Angeles Times in 2008: ‘I don’t care if Americans think we are running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.’

    If anyone else said that Zionists control the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street and the government they would be condemned as
    racists and neo-Nazis – even though they say it themselves. The sheer arrogance of those representing less than two percent of the American population is unspeakable.

    Rothschild Zionists are behind the banking system, chemically-infested food and water, Big Pharma medicine, Internet censorship, the law and political correctness, global warming science, the list is endless.

    This is not to describe Jewish people as a whole, very many of whom are victims of the Zionists, as in Nazi Germany. I am talking about the inner circle secret society of Rothschild Zionism and its agents and gofers placed in key positions throughout their system, not ours.

    These people funded Israel’s rise to fame, funded Hitler and Stalin,
    these people are Archonticly insane and they have a considerable
    nuclear and chemical weapons stockpile which they refuse to allow to be inspected and refuse to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty while condemning Iran over its nuclear thread when it doesn’t even have a nuclear weapon and we worry about what is written in some books.” ……………….

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