Frosty Winds Make Moan

It is a bleak winter in Gaza. Earth stands hard as iron, and water freezing like stone. Seventeen thousand Palestinians who live there will have to spend winter in tents that are now their homes; more than 120,000 homes have been destroyed by air strikes as Israel punishes the people of Gaza for injuries caused by a small minority of them. With every death and every piece of new destruction more Palestinians are driven to extremism against Israel, feeling that fighting is the only option even if fighting involves self-destruction.

The international community is being urged to donate money to help rebuild Gaza, but money may buy building materials which will not enter Gaza, being blockaded by Israel who fears that some of the materials may be used to make weapons or may actually comprise weapons.

Frankly the blockade of Gaza makes as much sense as the USA’s trade embargo with mighty Cuba; both constitute punishment of the many for the crimes and in some cases statements of the few.

And thus the frosty winds across the world make moan causing suffering beyond the borders of Palestine and Israel.

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