Fighting without Risk

I have read through mountains of adjectives about terrorism and through a plethora of ideas, concepts, proposed solutions and polemic. It is a shame that it takes an event like the murder of cartoonists to get people thinking about solutions to terrorism. At the moment we are too frightened to implement solutions; we only paper over the cracks or relieve some of the symptoms without curing the disease. 

I have been also struck by the physical cowardice of those who claim to be intellectually courageous. No newspaper or broadcaster has published copies of the cartoons that gave apparent rise to the murders. If our governments are fighting wars on those who perpetrate terrorism, they wish to fight without risk, which is a poor way to fight and usually ends in defeat.

2 Responses

  1. Are you getting ready for a surprise Rob, here is yet another warning sign to what is coming shortly, people are beginning to wake up in droves, and the solution is normally not that far away.

    Borrowed from another global network,

    There is the plummeting oil prices which are seen as an attack on the rubble via the cheap natural gas being made even cheaper and in direct competition to the cheap oil flooding the market. Note that the Saudis cannot stop production or cut it back as it does not work that way. If they suddenly stopped pumping, seawater would percolate into the oil fields degrading the oil lens.

    There is the attacks in Paris, added to the volatile situation in the Crimea-Ukraine region.

    People are awakening in mega-droves all over the internet. It is reaching a critical mass. Just look at the comments in yahoo news by ordinary people, all bellicose, angry at the illuminati (yes, they name the Elites and one party systems and Bankers all openly like never before.
    There is ceaseless crying from economic geeks and pundits about the derivatives and a bank run. That one is more worrisome than nuclear war talk. The bank run would only be a prelude to worse things, but at least we’d have a warning of sorts. There is all that currency war talk and Bric’s alliance and the disintegration of NATO. It certainly has a modified mission from post 1945.

    Also this, it is a matter of time before countries need to leave the sinking ship.

  2. Limit the risk in number, one day we will thank this peace loving guy.

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