Demonstrating About Murders

Perhaps we can spend too much time demonstrating against murder. Most of us know that murder is wrong. We do not have to build a monument against murder or lecture endlessly in favour of freedom; we best show our antithesis towards violence by refusing to let violence dominant us, and by refusing tospeak endlessly about those who commit violence. 

Of course we will always be threatened in some degree by those who wish yo have what we have or take away what we enjoy. Our best defence is courage; protesting against cancer does not enhance your chances of being free from it; Marching is a particularly futile way to show solidarity with the murder of the French cartoonists who lost their lives. Better to just carry on about our business of living, making as few changes as possible, for each change we make is a victory for those who murdered and for those who wish to murder.

One Response

  1. It depends on who is doing the murders and why.

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