Lest We Forget or Should We Forget?

The times are changing, as they have always changed. Like variations of several themes our futures turn into history, oft told and never remembered properly. I drove past a sign commemorating the First World War with a young German in my car. The sign said “Lest We Forget -1914 to 1918”. The German said “Such a sign would not be possible in Germany”. Here in England we are concerned that we shall not forget but in Germany they want to forget or have forgotten.

The names of the dead are engraved and written for eternal remembrance, but nothing lasts forever and eventually the waste of time erodes and fades what was once vibrant.

The point of commemorating wars is only to show how foolish and wasteful they have been. It is a remaindering of people, perhaps a means of population control for a species that has no self control.

The names of the dead are not important; their sacrifice is not important; the only important thing in war is its waste and pity which should steel a determination never to repeat it, rather than a determination to create new heroes and new villains.


2 Responses

  1. Hopefully things are changing for the better, now see this evidence and do not let it out of ones minds.

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