The Warmest Year

As far as we know (and we do not know very far) 2014 was the warmest year for England. Official records for the Met office began in 1910 and the Central England Temperature Records began in 1659 and 2014 is the warmest year on records, with a mean temperature of 9.9⁰ Celsius which comfortably beats the previous record set on 2006. Eight out of ten of the nation’s warmest years have occurred since 2002.

I should stress that global warming is not a short term phenomena and that we must not read too much in 2014 being the warmest year recorded for England. I should also stress that those who claim that global warming has stopped in the short term are clearly wrong, as far as England is concerned.

The mean temperature was 0.2⁰C higher than the previous 2006 record. Speculating on a rise in mean temperatures of 0.2⁰C every ten years, in one hundred years England’s mean temperature will be 2⁰C higher than it is today, which will make a different climate for our descendants to enjoy, or more likely suffer.

What is good for England is also good enough for the rest of the world. The World Meteorological Organisation expects 2014 to be the warmest year on record as far as world temperatures are concerned.

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  1. My records and studies show a cooling here in Yorkshire, not a warming, we have had more long term frost this year than last year, we have a Stevenson frame sited correctly and it never lies.


    Things are really starting to warm up, but not the weather.

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