Police, Brutality and Firearms

There is a great deal being reported in the United States of America about police brutality. Some would argue that there is a great deal of police brutality in the United States, but they fail to understand that the police in any nation reflect the mores and culture of the people in that nation. If US police are brutal they merely reflect the brutality that afflicts life in the USA and its obsession with guns.

There are more than 75 small firearms in the US for every hundred citizens. No other nation has such a high proportion of small firearms per capita. It is therefore unsurprising that of people have guns they will want to use them, and in their desire to use them will find excuses to use them where no proper reason exists. This seems to apply to law officers and criminals as well as ordinary citizens.

Having invented firearms, humanity cannot, unfortunately, uninvent them, but it can make their acquisition and use more difficult by taxes, by bans and confiscations, and by a whole host of other measures.

In truth, firearms are bad for the health of a nation; if the government cannot properly protect its citizens to such an extent that the citizen must own a gun to rely on self-protection, then there seems little point in having a government at all.

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  1. I think there are a number of issues beyond the pure moral issue.

    Firstly a significant number of the US population suspects that the present anti-gun government stance is being promulgated to de-power citizens in expectation of a coming police state. For example, the Sandy Hook (so called) school massacre has been exposed as a probable hoax/false flag so as to justify the US government’s attempted confiscation or greater control of personally owned guns.

    Secondly, the US arms industry is really big. It makes a lot of money for some very important people like the Rothschilds. So big business does not really want the US citizens to stop buying guns.

    Thirdly, the US secret services like to create what they call ‘tension’ i.e a feeling of unease, fear, antipathy for certain types of people. It is then easier to manipulate the public through propagandist media. However, using this tactic big business can make even more money. The food/pharmaceutical industries do this best by creating unhealthy foods and then drugs to deal with the problem. But the arms industry also does this. It plays both sides. I.e fear of losing the right to carry a gun increases sales and fear of being shot by (say) a policeman or a lone ‘wolf’ also increases sales.

  2. Check out the facts for yourself folks, is he right.

    Walk up folks it is coming if you ignore it.

  3. Facts are wonderful accents to Truth. .

    Stalin disarmed the Russian people and then murdered tens of millions of his own citizens, for purely political reasons.

    Mao did the same for tens of millions of Chinese citizens.

    Pol Pot did the same for his countrymen. Turkey did the same for their native Turkish Armenians populaion.

    There are dozens more examples of the stupidity of allowing government or some group of non-mentis compos fools to take your weapons. Governments are at best untrustworthy and liable to abuse it’s citizens out of hand. History proves this fact – over and over. The only good government is one that has the boots of it’s citizenry firmly on it’s throat.

    You, Robert Kyriakides, are welcome to your very own personal stupidity; don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you could make myself or my compatriots comply to your lunatic delusion,

    Happy New Year – one old soldier.

    • Happy New Year, Bill and much respect, becasue i agree with a lot of what you write.

      I agree with your statement that governments are at best untrustworthy and liable to abuse their own citizens. That is absolutely true. However, I think that your remedy of arming the people just in case the government abuses them, is inappropriate. The abuse of governments is likely to originate with information or data that governments so assiduously collect. If a dictator regime took over (in the USA it would only do so with the connivance of the military) then all your side arms and rifles will not help you. Modern governments fight the people with bombs and drones. Your side arms will have no way of preventing you being bombed or taken out by drones.
      I also agree that government is best which governs least, or even not at all (as one famous American wrote). I doubt that my stupidity or lunatic delusion is wrong, if you think things through. I think your solution to being oppressed by governments is no solution at all; you need to be vigilant, clever and active, not be passive with an armory, as your sole line of defence.

      I wish you a very happy safe and prosperous new year

      Robert Kyriakides

  4. Rob, have you heard the old saying that history is about to repeat itself.

    The thing is, the guns already exist, so why the need to remove them from those who have yet to commit a crime, because this is what is happening, and the crime will be protecting itself from the government who is trying to take them away.

    Then we have other kinds of smoking guns to contend with, one and by far the biggest yet to go off is the UN’s Own Agenda 21 paradigm, which is also coupled together with global warming, here is the mass extinction model under way right under our nose point blank.

    Get ready folks, go and study what it is all about, the current controllers included, no one will be immune to this new kind of take over bid.

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