Take Your Enslavement Cheerfully

Today, after the peace of Christmas, which peace means different things to different folk, we learn of the most outrageous incompetence on the railways, where engineering work which was supposed to last less than twenty four hours over the holiday, lasted so long that two of London s major termini had to be closed for a day, and hundreds of thousands of people, mainly traveling to see their relatives and friends, were delayed hours, all without warning.

No executives from Network Rail had the guts to face the public that they so badly inconvenienced and although enquiries are underway, no one inconvenienced will be compensated nor will any management, doing such a bad job of organizing engineering works, get their just desserts.

This is the way of the world and has always been thus. In a democracy the people are still in the thrall of oligarchs.We must dance to their tunes and take our enslavement cheerfully.





5 Responses

  1. Very True Robert.
    Hope you had a nice Christmas and have a Happy & Prosperous New Year

  2. Your becoming a real conspiracy figure Rob, only kidding.

    Here is a guy worth listening to.

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