Kim Jong-un and a figure of fun

The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un is thought of by most people in these islands, if they think of him at all, as a reasonably fat figure of fun with a rather silly haircut. As befits a gentleman who is an unelected dictator in charge of a reasonably powerful nation with nuclear weapons and scant regard to the rights of the people over whom he reigns, Kim Jong-un is a natural target for satire- the use of ridicule, irony or sarcasm to expose his vice and folly.

Sony decided to make a film about the North Korean dictator and a fictitious attempt on his life. Sony made the film, which might be very funny, but it is unlikely that we will find out because after certain problems with viruses in their computer systems and certain threats made against them, apparently by North Korea, Sony have decided against screening the film. They have “security fears”.

Normally when the object of a satire or of a libel vociferously objects the publicity created merely fans the flames of interest and the satire or libel becomes oft repeated. However, when the object is a possessor of nuclear weapons different rules apply. Courage subverts to security and satire is submerged by threats.

One Response

  1. Fortunately for Mr Un, North Korea has no oil reserves. Otherwise I suspect he would be ripe for regime change.

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