The deliberate murder of school children to further a political ambition leaves a deep and lasting imprint on the minds of those who learn about it. This is real terror, beyond anything recently experienced in the developed world, and has happened in that melting cauldron, Pakistan. It is hard to understand the mentality of the murderers. I can understand the mentality of those who have gone on killing sprees in schools previously, not for political ends, but because their minds were warped from the normal mind that we encounter. What happened in Peshawar was different. 

A single death of a child is hard to bear. The death of one hundred and thirty two little souls of promise is enough to make us weep, but within the conflict that has inflicted Pakistan and the surrounding regions one hundred and thirty two dead small people is just a fraction of the life and promise lost. It is better to concentrate on a single death, which makes it easier to understand.

D J Enright wrote

The greatest griefs shall find themselves inside the smallest cage.

It’s only then that we can hope to tame their rage.

The monsters we must live with.

For it will not do

To hiss humanity because one human threw

Us out of heart and home.

Or part

At odds with life because one baby failed to live.

Indeed, as little as its subject, is the wreath we give —

The big words fail to fit.

Like giant boxes

Round small bodies. Taking up improper room,

Where so much withering is, and so much bloom.


One Response

  1. Who, in actual fact, are the “Taliban”? For that matter, where on earth did a fully equipped army of over 20,000 young men come from (out of the blue) in Iraq? How is that a democracy like Ukraine was taken over by fascists (Nuland’s friends), all its gold reserves stolen by unknown men in black and the EU cheered the fascists on. Surely, the EU was all about preventing any future rise in fascism not facilitating it.

    Why does Cameron say that a lone wolf terrorist may strike at any moment? What does MI5 actually do? The GCHQ spying on everyone clearly doesn’t work in preventing terrorists. Why doesn’t Cameron try to falsely reassure us like he does about the economy, immigration etc. Why, on this one issue, does he actually try to scare us?

    Why is that when we have the means and the organisation to be a terrorist free society that the ‘media’ constantly bombard us with fear of terrorists.

    For all the horror of child murders in far off countries, I suspect there are real horrors kept under-wraps at home and we should not allow our civilisation and our freedom to be undermined by the media’s depiction and exploitation of the cruelty perpetrated by others. If you want to see cruelty just look at the drugs gangs in Mexico. Race hatred in the USA, Jessica Lane Chambers for example.

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