Dulce Bellum Inexpertis

War is sweet to those who do not know it and it was said when Greeks ruled Southern Europe. Our bodies are not designed for fighting, but for loving and embracing and not for fighting. Our brain is designed for fighting by devising weapons of great ingenuity. We started using sticks and stones for fighting, discovered metals and made swords and shields. We found that we could sling arrows into the air and charge into battle on horses. Gunpowder blew projectiles into the bodies of men and so we developed our weapons until we can now fight in armchairs at home perfectly safely with perfect cowardice. Today war is sweet to those you fight it with drones using not the jaws of the lion or crocodile or the claws of the bear or the poison of the snake, all of which are designed for fighting, but the mind of men, designed for better things than war and prostituted by greed.

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