A Title for A New Book

I have started to write a new book. It will be called “Nick and Irca” I think. It will be the story of two people, one born in 1917 and the other in 1928 who were caught up in the events of the second world war, coming from completely different places. It will tell of their extraordinary story and the events which shaped their lives, and the lives of so many others.

Writing a new book is a lengthy process. I have spent many months thinking about its structure and how I should write it. I think that I have all the main events of the story in place in my head, and will now go through the process of writing, perhaps writing 500 words on a good day until it is complete.

I will revise my writing constantly; I cannot write perfectly first time, because I do not think perfectly first time. The new book will be a friend, a lover, sometimes a tedious companion, and other times a mistress who will be very demanding, until I write those final words “the end” and mean them.

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