Effective medicine tastes badly

Food banks, cuts in services, cuts in defence spending, threats of cuts in welfare benefits and all sort of other economies and yet the deficit still remains and Her Majesty’s government seem unable to reduce it significantly. In order to reduce it properly we need to make massive cuts in government expenditure but the nation has no appetite for such a course of action. What then should be done?

As a nation the United Kingdom is indulging in three areas which it cabbot afford.


1. There is a huge amount of money spent on the National Health Service, which is treated by politicians of all hues as a very sacred cow. The expenditure on the health service should be set at affordable levels. We cannot buy that which we cannot afford.

2, There is a huge amount spent on benefits. Again, we cannot afford it and the spend on benefits should be reduced.

3.  We spend a huge amount on defence and yet we do not seem to be threatened by any nation. We do not need Trident, aircraft carriers and the like. We are no longer an Imperial nation with an Empire, thank goodness.

Effective medicine tastes badly.

I suppose a 20% reduction in these areas would be unthinkable to most, and it would could some suffering and some distress but would leave the nation in the long term a happier healthier place.

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