Find Out What is Missing

It is always easy to find what is wrong with what is in a set of rules, regulations and proposals; it is much harder o find what is missing from a set of rules regulations and proposals. When looking at these things you are not presented with a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces, but a jigsaw puzzle with only a tiny fraction of the picture completed, sometimes less than that, and no pieces at all to fill in the remaining picture. 

This is usually what you are given when a political party presents a manifesto, or a government presents a policy. The small part that you can see make look perfectly acceptable – indeed it may look beautiful. But the parts that you cannot see because they do not exist may show the whole picture as ugly, disgraceful and shameful.

When an artist paints a picture or a poet writes a poem it should be complete and should not need any further endorsement or explanation; beware of those artists and writers who explain what they have created; if they have to explain their creations then the creations are not worth the epithet of “art”.

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