“I never dared to be radical when young for fear it would make me conservative when old” wrote Robert Frost. Radicalism is a quality of youth and rightly so. there is much wrong with the world and the young rightly see no good reason why injustice cannot be remedied sooner rather than later. For the young, ideals are simple things and obvious.

As we age so we lose some of our radicalism; we see things from a different perspective – the view is the same but the angle of our eyes brings different objects into view and others out of focus.

The UK government is proposing what they call “anti terror laws”. Personally I think we have more to fear from anti terror laws than we have from terrorists, and more to fear from those who try to ban extremists than the extremists themselves. but that is simple a personal view of someone who was never too radical when young, and who understands that there are very few terrorists and extremists but plenty of people who want to take advantage of extremism and terrorism by enacting draconian laws which enable to state to curtail dissent and expressions of dissent.


4 Responses

  1. First we banned sexism, ok, but now most females are expected to work in a job rather than raise/care for children and aged parents. Next we banned racism, ok but is it a crime to tell jokes about foreigners. Next we banned extremism, ok but what about Copernicus, Marx, Gandi, MLK, ?

    What’s next on the list? repression?

  2. We need to ban governments from creating inflation and creating wars against terror that does not exist, unless your a government.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I certainly share a similar perspective.

  4. If we fail to deal with the extremists, you can be certain they will not deal with us.
    Sword to the back of the neck or tire soaked in gasoline, thrown on your shoulders and ignited. It’s up to you.

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