Pier Crust Promises

I would like to be able to write that I am eagerly waiting for the World Climate Change conference in Lima Peru to produce a solution to the problem of the earth warming up, but however eager I am to write those words, I cannot in all honesty do so. There will simply be more hot air emanating from the delegates to that conference and any resolutions and decisions will be what Mary Poppins described as “pie crust promises” – easily broken.

The real inconvenient truth is that whatever dangers to humanity rapid climate change poses, humanity is not prepared to sacrifice short term comfort to enable its long term survival. It is a question of “me first and the devil take the hinder most” being the motto of the times, without realising that me first will mean that the devil will take all.

It looks as though that 2014 will be the hottest year on record since records began in 1880. More particularly (because the devil is in the detail) 2014 is likely to be the hottest year in terms of average global land and sea surface temperatures. As I write, Australia is heating up, with people who live in Queensland experiencing the hottest ever summer temperatures for late November.

I suppose that the reason why I take a pessimistic view of the world climate change conference is that it largely turns out to be two things neither of which helps prevent rapid climate change. The first is a series of “carbon reduction targets” which end up being simply ways to enrich large corporations and which do not distinguish between dirty renewable energy and clean renewable energy. The second thing is the poorer nations hold their hands out for climate change adaption money from the richer nations. Even if the begging bowl was filled to the brim, it would not alleviate the problems that rapid climate change will bring, but will merely camouflage those problems, because although a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, sugar without medicine is no cure at all.

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