The Green Climate Fund – Too Small to Make a Difference

You might have heard about the Green Climate Fund; thirty rich nations have promised to pay money into the fund in order to help developing countries affected by climate change cope with climate change by investing in “green” technology.

So far the fund promises to raise about £6 billion, which is only enough money to keep the BBC running for 20 months, so the amount available to the developing countries will hardly make a difference.

It is noteworthy that the fund will be used to invest in green technology which invariably be sold by businesses established in the thirty rich nations. Like charity, climate change money for poor nations begins and finishes up in rich nations, with no doubt a few corrupt politicians finding some of it sticking to their rather grubby paws.

No doubt in some cases measures enabled by use of the fund will save lives and will make a difference and every little measure helps but there have to be far more little measures than a £6 billion fund if rich nations are to make any difference to poor nations that will be affected by climate change more adversely than rich nations.

In the North Eastern part of the United States and Canada parts of the City of Buffalo were covered in snow of more than 2.5 metres in depth. There have not been such amounts of snow previously recorded in those parts. The snow is caused by a lake effect, by which dry warmer air over the Great Lakes cause lake water to evaporate, and conditions in the climate dump the evaporated water in the form of snow. All this is a normal climatic and weather effect, and not caused by climate change. Where climate change might have affected this weather event is by making the snow fall greater and longer lasting than ever previously experienced.

The snow fall in Buffalo is very close to US record measured snowfall during a 24 hour periods.

Despite this very severe weather the part of the world affected by this phenomenon is rich and able to cope. Few people have died or become homeless. If such conditions were to occur in a part of the world which is not wealthy many people would die and even more would become homeless. In that case the Green Climate Fund would hardly be able to make a difference.

3 Responses

  1. Quite correct that the money begins and ends in rich nations, but you’re missing the point. This is yet another scam to fleece tax payers to line the pockets of big corporates. It joins the list; prisons, utilities, telecoms, transport, care services, and soon health care too.

  2. oops! I forgot to mention the ‘defence’ industries. They create demand is a different way!

  3. A different but similar way indeed Chris, you can read about it here.

    Soon they will be sending these warriors round to collect you warming taxes.

    Look more closely to home folks, it is just around the corner.

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