Keep Your Knickers On

Nick Conrad, who is a radio presenter with the BBC’s Radio Norfolk said during a debate about rape and the case of Ched Evans the following, which Mr Conrad’s employers considered to be ill judged and got Mr Conrad to apologise. I set as as much of what Mr Conrad said, because the context and the full statements are important.

“I think women need to be more aware of a man’s sexual desire; that when you’re in that position that you are about to engage in sexual activity there’s a huge amount of energy in the male body, there’s a huge amount of will and intent, and it’s very difficult for many men to say no when they are whipped up into a bit of a storm. And it’s the old adage about if you yank a dog’s tale then don’t be surprised when it bites you. Or you can’t keep snakes in the garden and think they’ll only bite your neighbours.”

“The onus has to be on the men and the men have to be condemned if a woman says no and they persist then that’s absolutely abhorrent, but they then in their fury against men and masculinity, they actually forget to stop and say if you tease, if you jump into bed naked with a man, if you give him all the signals, and then he acts upon them, then you are partially responsible.”

“What I’m trying to say is that women also have to understand that when a man’s given certain signals, he’ll wish to act upon them and if you don’t wish to give out the wrong signals, it’s best probably to keep your knickers on and not get into bed with him. Does that make sense?” 

Now, you will understand that Mr Conrad spoke and speech, unlike writing, is full of inconsistencies and grammatical lapses, but I can easily discern the sense of what Mr Conrad said.

I cannot understand what there is for Mr Conrad to apologise. Perhaps someone could explain to me why Mr Conrad has apologised for this, or have I omitted something he said that required an apology.

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