Do They Know It’s Charity?

A number of the great and the good of pop music (I cannot really call them the great and the good of rock and roll) have re-recorded a new version of “Do they know it’s Christmas” as a means of helping to raise money for the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Shame on them.

As with all that all people who are great and good, they want people who are not part of the great and the good to give money to charity. In making the record the great and the good of pop music are making a loud noise, raising public awareness of their own celebrity and no doubt helping to promote their own careers. They have donated a day or two of their time to sing a song, and ask the public to donate money.

There are several features of the new recording of “Do they know it’s Christmas” which are quite disgusting. I find the words of the song rather patronising; I find it odd to sing about Christmas to raise money for a crisis that mainly affects people who are not Christian but most seriously I abhor the grand-standing and self publicity that surrounds the record release.

People who want to do charitable acts should not do those acts for self promotion or openly, but secretly and quietly. After all “charity” is really “love for others” by a different name, and a person should not be congratulated for doing charity, or seek public awards and recognition, because that would not be an act of love for others, but an act of love for oneself. To congratulate a person for an act of charity is rather like not kicking a beggar.

But the great and the good of pop music are too self obsessed with their own importance to understand these distinctions. They will, by their efforts, persuade others to part with some money, some of which may do some good, but I am sure that the great and the good of pop music involved in this record will still be, after the record has finished its course, great and good and richer.

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  1. I used to donate to the donkey sanctuary in Devon. The lady and a few volunteers looked after the ‘discards’ from Blackpool’s pleasure beach and travellers’ cast-offs. This lady gave her life to a real cause unlike most charities now which are simply a business taking a cut from donations and not personally doing anything.

    Just middle men! Many on fat-cat salaries. Children in need must be the BBC’s worst joke. It did nothing about Mr Savile but now uses emotional blackmail to get more money for children in need. Incidentally I understand that of all the Charities CIN is one of the least efficient in terms of the staff to donation ratio.

    Why is the Royal Institute of British Architects a charity? Does it really advance education or is it cosy club?

    Why is that we often have rather bizarre scare stories about some obscure hidden health danger. Read carefully and you will find a charity’s report lurking somewhere.

    So, is there really an Ebola crisis? Why has this country already sent a hospital ship and millions of £ worth of helicopters, vehicles, etc. Why do we need to donate money when we already give millions in aid. Why is that Nigeria has manged to stop the spread of Ebola but Liberia hasn’t?

    Is it that Ms president of Liberia has spent the aid money on presidential perks and her son’s career rather than health care? Is it likely that more of our money in donations will do any good?

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